Book Review - Sexuality, Disability and the Law: Beyond the Last Frontier?

  • Shelley Kolstad QUT, Faculty of Law


Crisp white yachts moored upon a blue sea, verdant green mangroves framing Trinity Inlet in the distance; the sublime vision greeting me each time I glanced away from ‘Sexuality, Disability, and the Law: Beyond the Last Frontier?’ to reflect. Squally tropical breezes insisted on playing havoc with the menu, sending the salt shaker skidding across the harbour-side café table at which I was seated, drinking coffee. To reflect means to think carefully and deeply, and I found myself compelled to stop reading and think about the issues raised in this book often.  In some ways I felt it was the least I could do.  Paradise was my fortunate reality and a kind of Hell was otherwise being exposed on the pages of the text before me.  ‘Professor Perlin, you are an agent of the devil!’ Is there a more hostile environment on Earth than that of the anxious, fearful mind? My own reaction did not include ‘praying for [Perlin’s] soul,’ upon becoming cognisant of what this book was asking me to consider.  But I realise now that even thinking, ‘it’s none of my business, is it?’ although honestly well intentioned, might actually be a morally lazy synonym for ‘not my problem,’ or even worse:  ‘I don’t care.’ 


Dec 13, 2016
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Sexuality, Disability, and the Law: Beyond the Last Frontier, Perlin and Lynch, Therapeutic Jurisprudence
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