Editorial Board

The editorial board consists of academic staff from the Faculty of Law, QUT.

Professor Ben Mathews - General Editor

Professor Des Butler - Deputy Editor

Professor John Scott

Professor Richard Johnstone

Professor Bill Duncan

Associate Professor Bill Dixon

Associate Professor Tina Cockburn

Dr Nigel Stobbs

Dr Fiona McDonald

Dr Rowena Maguire

Dr Kylie Pappalardo

Dr Saiful Karim

Dr Angela Daly

Dr Monique Mann

Dr Evan Hamman

Dr Peta Stephenson

International Editorial Board

Professor David B. Wexler - Professor of Law and Director of the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence at the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Professor Jocelyn Downie - Professor of Law; Faculties of Law and Medicine; Adjunct Professor, Australian Centre for Health Law Research - QUT

Adjunct Professor Stephen Corones - Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, QUT

Professor Michael L. Perlin - Professor of Law Emeritus at New York Law School (NYLS), founding director of NYLS's Online Mental Disability Law Program, and founding director of NYLS's International Mental Disability Law Reform Project in its Justice Action Center

Adjunct Professor Bill Madden - Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, QUT

Professor Gavin Little - Professor of Law University of Stirling, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, QUT