Citizeship - Some Pacific Realities

  • A.H. Angelo
  • Rosemary Gordon


In order to provide something of a focus for consideration of the question of access to citizenship rights, this paper considers the position in Tokelau of those who seek to exercise their citizenship rights and of those who, though not citizens, are members of the community who seek to acquire citizenship rights by the discretionary grant of citizenship. Tokelau is in the unique constitutional position of being an internal part of New Zealand with its own legal system. It has no legislative or executive independent of New Zealand. Tokelau is also a dependent territory for the purposes of self determination under United Nations guidelines. The sources of law for Tokelau are found in the Tokelau Act 1948 (NZ) and include New Zealand statutes which have been expressly extended to Tokelau5. The Citizenship Act 1977 (NZ) is one of the New Zealand statutes which has been expressly extended6 to Tokelau and its application there provides the basis for the topics discussed in this paper.
Dec 1, 1991
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