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After the establishment of the South Pacific Legal Studies Group at Q.I.T. Law School in 1983 it became clear to those involved that one of the main obstacles in South Pacific research was obtaining legal materials. This problem was exacerbated by the difficulty in locating such materials, as there was no consolidated list of South Pacific holdings. Inspired by "Pacific Law Materials in Wellington" which appeared in (1984) 14 VUWLR 317, an index of South Pacific holdings in Brisbane was prepared during 1985 by J.C. Corrin. A grant from Q.I.T. Research and Development Fund enabled a research assistant, Ms L. de Plevitz, to be employed, to help in collecting data. The index contains most of the South Pacific Law holdings at Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT), University of Queensland (UQ) and the Queensland Supreme Court (SC) Libraries. It will be used by staff and students at Q.I.T. involved in Pacific research, as a guide to readily available material. The following is a more concise list, omitting many of the background works. It is hoped that it will be of use to a wide range of researchers. The list is divided according to country, with a further division for general material.
Dec 1, 1986
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