Beyond the Whiteboard: E-Learning in the Law Curriculum

  • Rita Shackel Sydney Law School, University of Sydney


This article discusses the development of an e-learning tool (the E-CAT) for teaching legal case analysis skills. The paper canvasses a range of issues that may impact the development of e-learning strategies in higher education and more specifically within the law curriculum. Of primary consideration are the pedagogical issues raised by the use of e-learning strategies and the need to balance clear educational objectives against the cost, time and technological limitations of developing and adopting e-learning tools and e-based teaching strategies. This paper argues that e-learning tools should be designed to promote active, critically engaged and reflective experiences for students consistent with the aspirations of higher education. The paper demonstrates the E-CAT is a pedagogically driven e-learning tool that encourages deep and autonomous student learning and offers a model that can be adapted to teach a range of legal skills to students with diverse learning needs.


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