Book Review - Ronald J Desiatnik, Without Prejudice Privilege in Australia (LexisNexis Butterworths, Australia, 2010) 182 pp

  • Michael May LLB (Hons); Associate, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers; Sessional Academic, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology


For many years, practitioners have wanted a book which deals in detail with the subject of without prejudice privilege. The subject is often touched upon in publications relating to evidence or civil procedure, but there has never been a book to focus solely on the subject (at least not an Australian one). Without Prejudice Privilege in Australia by Dr Ronald J Desiatnik fills that gap. It is strange that it has taken so long for a book focussed on without prejudice privilege in Australia to be published. Consider how many proceedings are issued in Australia in a given year, and what percentage of those matters relate to, say, company liquidation. Without prejudice communications occur in the vast majority of all of those proceedings, not just the liquidation matters. Yet compare how many books are written on the subject of company liquidation with how many are written on without prejudice privilege.


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